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A space created to inspire people to believe in the miracles and magic of healing.


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Dr. Karen Liu, DC, L.Ac is the founder and creator of Healspace in Hermosa Beach, CA.

She was born and raised in Los Angeles and knew from an early age that her life mission would be to help people. After studying a multitude of techniques she has combined and created a personalized healing experience for each of her clients. You can find her working in private practice at Healspace, helping in professional sports and doing concierge house calls. She has previously worked with the Long Beach Veterans hospital. 


She travels frequently and believes in living a life filled with joy, unforgettable memories with loved ones and enjoying good health.


Hands-on approach to gently manipulating the body’s joints and muscles


The insertion of thin needles to help balance the qi - energy of the body

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Guiding and accelerating the movement of qi flow

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